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"Shape" generally refers to the shape and structure of the object represented by the figure. Traditional graphics are rooted in the national and regional origin of traditional art. They are different from modern graphics in many ways.
Traditional graphics mainly focus on the integrity and decoration of real form (or orthomorphic form), pay attention to the echo, comity and interspersed relationship between form and form, and follow the bone style of seeking integrity and symmetry when organizing.
For example, the most primitive and basic auspicious figure "Tai Chi pattern" is composed of black and white fish patterns; From the head, body, hand and foot of the two dolls, the "four Xi human pattern" of the four dolls can be seen at the top, bottom, left and right; The nine palace pattern and meter pattern formed by the concept of five elements and five directions, as well as the fish shaped characters composed of the basic strokes and the car shaped characters composed of the basic strokes.
Applying the "shape" of traditional graphics to modern logo design, the logo designed in this way can not only retain the charm of traditional art, but also have distinctive characteristics of the times, and can fully express the concept and personality contained in the logo.
The traditional graphic elements are derived and then applied to modern logo design,
One of the reasons for the success of the design is the combination of nationality and modernity, which is natural and appropriate without far fetched feeling; Second, the company standard pays attention to the idea, contains large capacity, rich in philosophy, for people to associate; Third, image variability, and good application. Of course, this is first and foremost the "credit" of the original target. "