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In modern society, people pay more and more attention to the packaging of gifts, so the use of food packaging boxes is becoming more and more extensive. The following mainly introduces the common problems in the installation of food packaging boxes
1. The main reason for the warping of food packaging box is that too much paper is pasted, which causes the glue on the edge of the cardboard to be dry and cannot be pasted. Therefore, it is usually more suitable to paste 20 sheets
2. Press it later. The humidity of food packaging paper is too high, especially the flat sticker of gold card. This is mainly due to the poor water permeability and water loss capacity of gold card paper, while the water content of ordinary flat adhesive is higher. Therefore, it is usually solved by using quick drying adhesive or spreading the product and drying it in the sun
3. The installed tiles or flat pasted gift boxes will turn yellow if they are placed in an environment with high air humidity for a long time. This is mainly due to the use of high alkalinity water glass adhesive or starch adhesive by some manufacturers. Therefore, in order to ensure the quality of food packaging boxes, we should choose excellent flat and corrugated adhesive
4. The delamination of food packaging boxes is mainly caused by insufficient adhesive strength. It is suggested to select some products from regular manufacturers, which can not only ensure the strength, reduce the humidity, increase the stiffness, but also improve the quality and grade of food packaging boxes
The above are four common problems in the installation of food packaging boxes, which have a great impact on the processing quality of products, and need more attention in production. Usually, many processes are used in the processing of some products, so there are many problems. We also need to know more about them in order to further improve their production quality. Follow us Take you to know more details!