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Disposable paper lunch boxes refer to the materials used to make paper boxes. They are generally disposable paper lunch boxes, which are easy to use and low in cost, and are widely used in the catering industry. Due to the use of paper materials, they can be recycled, buried or burned, but do not cause serious environmental pollution, so they have high environmental value. The following is the reference measurement method for the performance of the next disposable paper lunch box.
The shelf life of unopened batch products shall not exceed 1 year. Expired products shall be re inspected according to the requirements of (3.2), and those conforming to the standards can be used. The performance of disposable paper lunch box is determined as follows:
1. Volumetric determination.
At room temperature, use a 1000mL measuring cylinder to pour the corresponding volume of water into the paper lunch box, big lunch box 600mL, Chinese lunch box 500mL and small lunch box 400mL. It is qualified if there is no overflow through visual inspection.
2. Water resistance test.
Place the paper lunch box on the cardboard (or pulp board), pour 5% NaCl water with a temperature of (90 ± 5) ℃, and add 1~2 drops of methyl red indicator solution. The height should not be less than 20mm. Pour water one hour later, and observe whether there is leakage trace on the back and both sides. If there is no leakage trace, it is qualified, otherwise it is determined as unqualified.
3. Oil resistance test.
(150 ± 10) ° c edible oil (peanut oil, soybean oil), add (10 ± 2) ml paper lunch box with a porcelain spoon, and then put the paper lunch box on the napkin. After 1h, observe whether there is oil spot on the napkin. If there is no oil spot, check whether it is qualified, otherwise it is unqualified.
4. Load bearing performance test.
Place the paper lunch box on the flat plate and cover the box. Use a metal ruler to measure the height of the paper lunch box (even the lid), accurate to 1mm, and then pour in the mortar sand mixture. After the box cover is closed, place a 200mm '200mm' 3mm flat glass on it. Then place a 3kg weight in the center of the flat glass. When the weight is loaded for 15s, immediately remove the weight and glass plate, and then accurately measure the above height.
5. Box cover folding test.
Open and close the sample box cover at an angle of 180 ° for 15 times, and observe that there should be no cracks or cracks at the connection with the box body.
The packaging and identification of paper lunch boxes shall be carried out in accordance with the provisions of GB/T10342, generally in two layers, the packaging shall be neat and the quantity shall be accurate, or according to the requirements of the order contract. The inner packaging materials shall be clean, non-toxic, odor free, dust-proof and waterproof. An explanatory label should be attached to the packing box. More detailed information can be found on our website consulting service