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The rapid development of the catering takeout industry in the recent stage and the fierce competition among the major takeout platforms have also provided consumers with more convenience in life. However, a single take away will produce a lot of disposable tableware and packaging bags, which has a great negative impact on the environment and human health. Let's take a look at the general problems of degradable take away packaging bags.
1. Can only be composted
This is not necessarily. It can be degraded under composting conditions, or under other conditions, or under natural conditions such as soil and sea water. However, it is related to the chemical structure of plastics, the formula of products and other degradation environments. Therefore, it is wrong to say that composting treatment can only be used, and it can be degraded under the above conditions.
2. Can it be completely degraded in anaerobic digestion device
The main reason why the degradable takeaway packaging bag can be degraded by microorganisms is that its chemical structure is different from that of traditional plastics, so it can be degraded by microorganisms. Most of the current materials can be degraded in anaerobic digestion devices.
3. Can it be completely degraded in soil
Under the uncontrollable conditions of natural soil, temperature, moisture and microorganism, the controllable conditions in composting process are relatively uncontrollable. At present, most degradable plastics are biodegradable under field soil conditions, such as PBAT, PHA, PCL, PBS, etc. They can be completely degraded after being buried in soil for 5 months under normal climatic conditions, without any impact on plants; PLA degrades slowly and takes a long time, but it can be completely degraded after mixing with PBAT and other materials for about half a year.
After reading the above general questions about degradable takeaway bags, I hope it will be helpful to everyone. You can pay more attention to our website , providing you with various gift boxes, packing boxes, etc.