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Cultural elements such as patterns, graphics and colors are added to the take out box to visually give consumers an intuitive impact, thereby enhancing consumers' recognition of the brand and enabling customers to spontaneously praise it! On the contrary, low-cost and price mismatched packaging will make consumers feel unworthy of this price, reduce the sense of consumption experience, and eventually lose consumer users. The standards of disposable takeout boxes are:
1: Safe material, no odor, easy to stir salad, strong practicability
Take out packaging is used to contain food, so we should try our best to ensure that the taste of food is the same as the experience of in-house food, and whether the packaging selected by the business is safe and practical. These are the issues that customers consider when ordering take out. Only from the perspective of customers, to ensure the quality of food and improve the dining experience, can users be satisfied and assured, increase repeat customers, and improve the re purchase rate.
The two common materials are kraft paper and frosted plastic. The specification is generally 500ml or 1000ml. (yellow, white and green disposable disposable packaging box is: kraft paper, 500ml and 1000ml double bowl series)
2: The cost is matched with the customer unit price
Generally, the packaging cost of one-time stores is basically controlled within 5% of the average customer unit price. If it is higher than this range, the cost burden of stores will be increased, and the gross profit of merchants will be greatly affected. Therefore, businesses should try their best to improve customers' sense of dining experience within this budget.
3: The packaging box is beautiful and has texture, and consumers have a good sense of experience
The appearance value of take out packaging, reasonable color matching, fashionable packaging style, attractive take out packaging shape, personalized copywriting, etc. these factors play a great role in improving consumer experience.
Of course, having said so much, the core of takeout is definitely the dishes themselves. So as long as the taste of the dishes in the store is good, and then the design sense and details of the packaging are relatively improved, you will obviously find that there are some positive comments on the packaging from time to time in the praise, and with the passage of time, these comments will gradually improve the order conversion rate and score of the store.
On the contrary, if half of the bad reviews received by your store are caused by improper packaging, the boss should seriously consider changing the packaging. Sometimes these details determine the success or failure of your take out shop. If you need to purchase or customize packing boxes, please come to our website Let's consult.