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Can hamburger cartons be heated in the microwave oven? Many people buy hamburgers at KFC and take them home to eat. But when they go home, the hamburgers are cold. Can you use the microwave oven to heat the hamburgers in the hamburger box? The following manufacturers of food packaging boxes will analyze for you.
It is necessary to observe whether the hamburger carton is made of tin foil. If it is made of tin foil, it is absolutely not allowed to heat, because the tin foil will melt after heating and then enter the food, which is very harmful to the human body;
Secondly, observe whether the hamburger cartons in contact with the food have patterns. The hamburger cartons with patterns should not be used for heating as far as possible, because the colors will dissolve in high temperature and enter the food, which is also very harmful to the human body;
Thirdly, because the hamburger carton is a paper product, putting it into the microwave oven for too long will cause spontaneous combustion, which may seriously lead to the explosion of the microwave oven.
To sum up, try not to put hamburgers with hamburger cartons into the microwave oven for heating, but choose a non-metallic container for better heating effect.
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