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Cake expresses many meanings. Cakes can be directly used in many occasions, such as weddings, company celebrations and other large occasions. A beautiful cake box is also a symbol of a brand, and it can even directly make consumers have a better impression of the cake. Cake boxes are all designed well. Only in this way can we ensure good results. Among them, the packaging design of cake box should meet the diversified needs of consumers. Now let's talk.
Cake box design is not an easy task. Every enterprise must have its own logo design. If you already have a logo, you can directly give it to the other party when customizing. It is suggested to add the elements of your own store to the packaging, so as to ensure good results. And pay attention to the size of the design, so that when adding other elements, the effect will be better.
Now the size of the cake is fixed, and there are few particularly large size differences, so when customizing the cake box, you can directly find the other party to design the size. In the later design, we should pay special attention to making according to different meanings. The types of boxes for birthdays, ceremonies and weddings must be different, so that consumers can understand our intentions.
The choice of color suggested by food packaging gift box manufacturers is also very important. After all, the cake box conveys the feeling of the cake giver, so it's better to pay attention to the warm colors, so the effect is better. It is recommended that such designs be directly handed over to professional merchants. Look at the sample drawing first, and then carry out production. This effect is also very good. It can also save a lot of time and complete all the production quickly.
For the design of cake box, the method should consider the needs of consumers. Some tin printing, machining functions, and the design to adapt to the shape of the cake are necessary. Because this can not only give full play to the advantages of cake design, but also consider the novelty and rationality of the structure, especially for the convenience of consumers.
Considering the diversity of functions, it must be easy to open and carry. Only in this way can the iron box of cake continuously meet the new requirements of the market and consumers, whether it is high-end or genuine, and meet the requirements of consumers at different levels. Only in this way can the cake box design continue to succeed.
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