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At present, the mainstream packaging boxes in China are made of plastic materials, and the takeaway packaging boxes are made of materials. However, many people believe that the technology and materials of our industry are the same as before, and a sound and standardized lunch box market has not been formed, and the requirements for lunch boxes are very low. However, is this really the case? Can the disposable takeout packing box be a plastic lunch box?
Relying on the catering industry for advertising, only drinks and condiments in the same industry may be relatively easy to be accepted by businesses. Because of the advertising of takeout lunch boxes, it should be difficult for catering businesses to accept putting similar stores or competitive products in their own takeout. In addition, there are some categories of advertisements that should not appear in the catering period, so relatively speaking, the advertising content is generally dominated by the advantages of businesses.
Customizing disposable packing boxes is a means for plastic tray manufacturers to gradually improve production quality and technology, and also a means of design optimization, so as to have greater market competition pressure. To successfully complete the cooperation and competition and give full play to the value of cooperation and competition, plastic pallet manufacturers need to continue to promote the in-depth development of the relationship after establishing a good cooperative and competitive relationship.
Packaging box manufacturers should contribute their own strength to establish a good cooperative and competitive relationship, reduce repetition and waste in their development process, and set an example to optimize resource allocation; With the help of each other's core capabilities, achieve mutual benefit and win-win results; Create new opportunities. Then, plastic pallet manufacturers in the cooperative and competitive relationship should develop an extraordinary intimate relationship, trust each other, share information, and tacit understanding between teams. In our eyes, small customized packing boxes can exert great strength and contribution, have independent brand publicity, and have excellent product quality.
The manufacturer of disposable take away packing box reminds you to understand the "ID card" of the lunch box products. The triangle sign at the bottom of the plastic products is equivalent to the "ID card" of the products. There are 7 kinds of microwave labels on the bottom of plastic boxes. The plastic boxes with these labels are different in the manufacturing materials, so not all lunch boxes can be heated in a microwave oven.
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