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If food safety is to be achieved, it is required that the quality of the food itself is no problem. The so-called quality-oriented approach is that food packaging is very important for food safety on the premise of ensuring quality. Food packaging box manufacturers tell you how to choose qualified food packaging?
1、 Product identification is very important
Special packing boxes for food shall be marked in Chinese, indicating the company name, production place and product name, and the words for food shall be marked in the prominent place. All commodities are attached with the food inspection and quarantine certificate after the processing plant.
2、 Selection of raw materials
When selecting food packaging materials, paper or plastic materials that are odorless, tasteless and free of impurities must be selected. Those with special smell cannot be used for food packaging. Different grades of food packaging use different packaging raw materials to maximize their functions.
3、 Try to choose raw material packaging without coating
In contemporary food packaging design, in order to make the packaging more beautiful and practical, corrosion-resistant raw materials are often used together with coatings, which not only brings difficulties to the recycling of materials, but also most of the coatings themselves are toxic and bring great pollution to the environment. If you eat these packaged foods, it will have great side effects on your body.
4、 Choose qualified packaging factories to cooperate
Food manufacturers should also be cautious in choosing packaging partners. The manufacturers of food packaging boxes that meet the standards should have relevant environmental health inspection qualification certificates and certificates, so as to solve the worries of your products. Jinan packing box factory Hengyin packing is your good choice.
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