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With the development of society, many foods are stored in packaging boxes after processing, which not only extends the shelf life, but also maintains the original taste and widely used methods of food. However, the food packaging gift box is easy to get moldy in a humid environment, so we must remember to keep it carefully after purchase, and take certain measures to prevent this from happening.
1. place in a dry environment
The essence of moldy food packaging gift box is that it is in a humid environment, so it is a basic condition to put it in a dry place. Due to the lack of water in the dry environment, this will not provide a growth environment for mold. Thus, mold can be prevented from appearing on the packaging of food gift boxes to a certain extent.
2. vacuum packaging
Hot and humid weather in summer can easily lead to moldy food packaging gift boxes. At this time, the vacuum packaging method is effective, because there is almost no air in the vacuum packaging, and the oxygen content is very rare, so mold will not grow in this environment.
3. Chemical treatment
In food production, many manufacturers use non-toxic and quantitative chemicals, and add non-toxic and quantitative chemicals to packaging materials and food to resist the invasion of mold. Undeniably, this is a way for mass-produced food manufacturers to prevent packaging gift boxes. A convenient, fast and effective method for removing mould.
4. add preservative
Adding a certain amount of preservatives to the packaging of food packaging gift boxes is a simple and effective way to prevent preservatives and mildew. Because some substances in preservatives will kill mold.
Through understanding, we don't have to worry about adding chemicals harmful to our health to prevent mildew, so that we can eat more confidently. If preservatives are added, there is no need to worry about material changes after the preservatives kill mold, which will produce harmful substances and affect food safety. Because the preservatives added in food packaging are special food additives for food packaging.
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