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For food packaging gift boxes, we generally use color boxes or cartons, and high-end products need customized gift boxes. Of course, the customized gift box needs to be operated. Let's analyze it.
1. The type of food, the size and specification of the product, and how we place the product, etc.
2. As for the choice of packing box materials, does our product packing box tend to be exquisite and beautiful or to protect the complete side of the product. For example, some foods can not be touched, so we must choose the right direction.
3. The appearance of our food packaging gift box should be selected in terms of technology, and the box structure of the exquisite gift box should also be selected in advance.
4. After sales problems of packing boxes: generally, when there are a large number of gift boxes, samples will be taken in turn. If there is no problem, we will arrange a special car for delivery. If there is any problem with the goods received, we will follow the box. The payment for goods shall be made in cash or deducted from the payment for goods. We can guarantee that even if there is only one box left, we can also carry out delivery methods and after-sales support, which is also our concern.
Most of the packaging gift box customization manufacturers do not include packaging processing services, so they will send the prepared packaging gift boxes to customers for simple folding / combination, and then fill in the products. Of course, if you need a lining, there are two cases. If the gift box is packed with the same kind of lining, ask the manufacturer to make it together when customizing. The other is to use other materials for lining, which needs to be purchased by the merchant or packaged by the manufacturer. However, if you need viscose for modeling, the manual cost will be calculated separately.
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