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As you know, with the demand of various industries, many products will need different grades of packaging boxes. Some of these packaging boxes are ordinary, and some customers like to do some simple surface treatment on the packaging boxes. The following is a brief introduction to the packaging box manufacturer's process.
The process used to pack the gift box
1. Glue passing: there are two kinds of oil passing by packaging box manufacturers. Light glue is a layer of bright glue film, and dumb film is a kind of vague retro feeling. Film passing plays a role in protecting customized products.
2. Bronzing, red gold, purple gold, blue gold and other colors. The name of the bronzing process is hot press transfer customization, but the commonly used name is product bronzing.
3. UV local UV full version UV, local UV is a bright layer of oil on many other places, which makes it different from other parts. Full version UV is that the entire layout is oiled, and a layer of gloss and matte oil can be applied according to the customer's requirements.
4. Beer models and protruding beer models are known by every company that makes boxes and bags. A piece of customized paper is used to finish the surface treatment process, and then the desired model is produced on the die-cutting machine, and the finished product is shipped. Protruding is a prominent process that some local words or patterns have a concave and convex feel, which is different from other places.
Packaging selection of gift box
For different products, of course, the hues and colors to be matched are also different, so that consumers have different psychological effects. Some of the copy contents of the packaging can also have corresponding psychological effects on the shopping needs of consumers. It is the common psychology of people to seek novelty, absence, change and novelty.
Most people will have a very different visual appreciation effect on the traditional cultural style after they have aesthetic fatigue on the packaging of modern design style. Many manufacturers will aim at this psychology of the public and produce a variety of innovative packaging.
The manufacturers of food packaging gift boxes remind that the practicality of gift boxes is very important. As the outer packaging of products, gift boxes should play a role in decoration and protection. Gift boxes should be fully coordinated with products. The two need to be matched with each other. Otherwise, the matching of gift boxes and products will produce a great contrast. At this time, the beauty of the gift box design will not work.
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