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Sometimes someone will ask, will hot food packed in bags produce toxic and harmful substances? A cage of steamed buns, a fried dough stick, and hot food that can't be eaten are packed. Will the bags melt under the condition of high temperature and high oil? Will it produce toxic and harmful substances?
In fact, generally qualified food packaging bags are made of PP polypropylene or PE polyethylene. Their melting point is about 300 degrees, and generally the food out of the pot is only dozens of degrees, so there is no need to worry about the melting of the bags.
PP material is acid and alkali resistant, and can withstand 150 ℃ high temperature; PE (polyethylene) material is oil resistant and can withstand high temperature of 110 ℃. Within the tolerance temperature range, the plastic will basically not undergo pyrolysis and migration of additives, so there is no need to worry about harmful substances produced by packed breakfast bags.
A good way is to reduce the use of bags to hold hot food for a long time. Take away package for high-temperature soup, no more than 1 hour.
How do consumers distinguish whether bags are qualified or not in their daily life? Here are some suggestions:
1. Look at the transparency: the food packaging bag must be transparent, and there must be no printed matter on the food contact surface; Do not use colored packaged food.
2. Look at the logo: the qualified takeout packaging bag must be printed with "food grade", "food for" and other special food logo words or knife and fork logo on the outside; SC number, with manufacturer.
3. Look at the thickness: don't choose too thin bags when buying food.
4. Touch and smell: qualified takeaway bags should be transparent, colorless, odorless, and lubricated by hand. If they look muddy, smell strange, and feel sticky, they are likely to be unqualified bags (usually with recycled materials). Such bags should not be used.
That's all for the analysis of whether it's OK to pack hot food in takeout bags. You can learn about it as a reference. Of course, the details still depend on the actual situation. Pay attention to our website www.sdynbz Www.takeaway.com for more information about takeaway bags.