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A beautiful moon cake packing box and zongzi gift box can greatly enhance the competitiveness and added value of products. Let's take a look at several factors to be considered when customizing moon cake packing box.
Use illustration, color matching, typesetting and other methods to enrich the picture of moon cake packaging box. A story and beautiful illustration, such as the story of Chang'e this month, the bright moon, the jade rabbit and other elements, enriches the moon cake packaging box through appropriate color matching. When customizing, pay attention to text layout, avoid too full layout and leave blank appropriately.
In the market environment of everyone's innovation, the requirements for customization of packaging boxes are higher and higher. Since it is the packaging box for the Mid Autumn Festival, of course, we must pay great attention to face engineering. Customized materials for food packaging gift boxes can greatly improve the texture, such as using ice white paper, eggshell paper and other special materials, or using cardboard to make moon cake packaging boxes.
Moon cake packaging boxes with different structures can have different effects. For example, the packaging box structure in the form of drawer is not only practical and improves the added value of products, but also different from the conventional book box structure on the market.
Through bronzing, UV, embossing, embossing and other packaging box processes, it can not only beautify the moon cake packaging box, but also highlight the product brand and play the role of advertising. In addition to the matching and fixing of different materials, moon cakes can also be made of different materials.
When consumers look for products in a wide range of goods, the time they look at the products they don't see is very short. A good moon cake packing box can attract consumers' purchase interest and is a good marketing means. Therefore, it is necessary to customize a set of exquisite moon cake packaging boxes.
There are several factors to consider when customizing the moon cake packaging box. If you have any ideas, please come to our website www.sdynbz.com Consult. Com.