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  Now we see shopping malls, stores and other existing packaging boxes are exquisite and beautiful, a variety of styles to choose, so you know what steps after the exquisite food packaging box production? Here's a quick summary.
  Do hardcover food packaging box, to make the appropriate layout, do a good job of packaging design, with the combination of pictures and texts to reflect the characteristics of the product and enterprise culture, in the layout to show the color collocation. The wrapping paper of hardcover food packaging box generally uses double copper and frosted copper paper. One is texture, the other is high stiffness.
  When printing hardcover food packaging boxes, special attention should be paid to the reflection of the printing effect, because hardcover food packaging boxes as outer box packaging, need higher printing process, to avoid white, ink, paste. Usually hardcover food packaging boxes need surface treatment in the printing process, mainly laminating, glazing and other processes.
  Now, some customers are asking for holes in hardcover food boxes. If requested, they will help implement it. If not, check the quality of the finished product, and if it passes the inspection, it can be packed and shipped. What should be noted is that if this step needs to be checked for acceptance, what should be done?
  Through the inspection of the sample design drawings, the staff will measure the size, check the color difference by the naked eye, distance, close-up or equipment, touch the surface and compare with multiple sample boxes; Whether it can clearly reflect the brand feeling, reflect the core logo of the brand, etc., and whether it is in line with consumer aesthetics, etc., it is suggested to display and compare. There are a lot of things to pay attention to!
  What steps did exquisite food packaging go through to produce it? The above is the general content, if you want to know more about any of the steps or more precautions, please come to the website www.sdynbz.com contact our customer service staff!