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  Nowadays, while people are pursuing the taste of food, they are also very concerned about the packaging gift box of food. Beautiful and delicate food packaging boxes can give consumers a good first impression, attract customers' eyes, let consumers rest assured to buy. When designing food packaging, there are six aspects that must be considered. Here are some of them.
  Food consumer groups. The outer packaging design should be carried out according to the preferences of this consumer group, so that the outer packaging of this product is more likely to attract the attention of these consumer groups.
  Food characteristics. Food what exactly characteristics has especially the food selling point to feed into the packaging, because consumers is the food of this kind of food can see some of the advantages of, if not reflected on the outer packing, possibly have failed to find customers, resulting in missed the best sales opportunity.
  Outer packing cost. Nowadays, it is generally accepted that the cost of the outer packaging of a food is acceptable as long as it does not exceed 10% of the selling price of the food itself. If the cost of the outer packaging is too high, the sales will be affected.
  Company information is embedded on the outer packaging. What we need to consider is how to embed the company's information on the outer packaging, such as the company's contact information, the brand logo of the enterprise, the relevant materials of the product, etc., which also needs to test the design ability of designers.
  The QUESTION of QS certificate. To consider is the QS certificate, the certificate should be reasonably embedded in the food packaging, with such a certificate means that the food is a clean health quality qualified without pollution of food.
  Packaging technology. What should be considered in the design of food packaging gift box is what kind of technology is used to produce the packaging box? What kind of material is chosen for production? How to place food in the packaging box and so on, these are closely related to the production of packaging box and the structure of the packaging box, should be considered in detail before the design, otherwise it will lead to a very passive design and production.
  Six aspects should be considered before food gift box packaging design! Is the above explanation of the content, we choose food gift box packaging, according to their needs! More content to understand the website consultation!