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A good food packaging gift box will continue to make breakthroughs and innovations in customization and design, so as to meet the different needs of different customers. When buying products, the first attractive thing is often the product packaging box.
因为礼盒是包装方式的一种功能的社会需要的延伸 。所以它不仅有包装的作用并且在一定程度上凸显了一部分的作用,礼品盒的精美程度是和增加商品价值成正比的,在一定程度上弱化了商品的使用价值。
Because the gift box is an extension of the social needs of a function of packaging. Therefore, it not only plays the role of packaging, but also highlights part of the role to a certain extent. The exquisite degree of the gift box is directly proportional to the increase of commodity value, which weakens the use value of commodities to a certain extent.
In order to protect the goods, the lining will be more expensive than the general packaging. There is no doubt that it has a high influence in beautifying goods and attracting customers.
When you look for a wide range of target goods, your eyes stay on each product for a very short time. Therefore, the outer packaging must be direct, preferably unique and intuitive in information transmission. It should have clear and clear characteristics to make customers know the purpose of the product at a glance.
This requires the designer to have a detailed understanding and control of the basic skills of graphic design - the application of patterns and colors, the correct grasp of rhythm, the selection of materials, perhaps the display of goods, etc., in order to make each design economical and applicable.
The production of food packaging gift box is not independent, but based on the product itself, focusing on packaging, supplemented by corresponding advertising and various promotion means, so as to achieve the unity of image and the significance of effect. For the packaging design, it is also required to reflect the ultimate goal of product advertising in the whole project planning. The words and slogans on the packaging cooperate with the large sales publicity, which is consistent with the merchant's product promotion strategy.