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We usually go to shopping malls or supermarkets, or even markets. A variety of foods are listed on the shelves, which are dazzling and overwhelmed.
Most foods have different packaging. A variety of food packaging boxes attract our attention and even generate the impulse to buy. Therefore, in order to improve sales, food manufacturers will customize food packaging boxes for their products. Xiaofu packaging Xiaobian will share the three common packaging types for you
1. Special shape packaging
People are curious about the shape of the product, which makes it more attractive and attractive to consumers. This kind of packaging can also make people feel more curious about the appearance of the product.
2. Environmental protection and health packaging
Environmental protection and health packaging, as the name suggests, refers to the packaging that can be recycled and reused, will not pollute the environment or be conducive to decomposition. Its emergence represents a packaging technology innovation, which solves the problem of waste materials in packaging production and garbage treatment after packaging use for a long time, and the development of degradable plastics. In the future packaging box customization scheme, Will increase the production of such packaging.
3. Specialty and festival packaging
China has a profound heritage of traditional culture. Chinese traditional festivals also have their own representative foods. There are many local characteristic products, which are the portrayal of Chinese traditional culture. There are more and more packaging of this kind of traditional food. This kind of packaging develops towards national characteristics and highlights this Chinese culture.
This traditional food is mostly used for gifts, and the packaging naturally contains culture, which is specialty and festival packaging.