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1. Pearl cotton
There are different densities. The common density is 18kg. Black and white are common colors. There are environmental protection EPE pearl cotton lining and anti-static EPE pearl cotton lining. As the inner support of gift packaging box, pearl cotton has the function of shock absorption and loss prevention. It is an important packaging material in product transportation. The pearl cotton inner support not only has a smooth appearance, but also can be colored or pasted freely according to industrial needs.
It is also a widely used and protective inner support material for gift packaging box, which can be used for fragile products, glass products, etc. The price is moderate. Because the pearl cotton particles are relatively large and not very good-looking, - they are usually filled with flannelette, and there are many choices of flannelette color.
2. Sponge inner support
它是由聚氨酯与甲苯异氰酸酯 (TDI) 或二异氰酸酯(MDI)发生粘接反应而制成的塑料制品。根据内部气泡的大小, 可以反映各种密度,并可以根据需要通过成型制成各种形状。广泛应用于各行各业的礼品包装盒内托,主要用于防震、保温、填充材料、儿童玩具等。
It is a plastic product made of polyurethane and toluene isocyanate (TDI) or diisocyanate (MDI). According to the size of internal bubbles, various densities can be reflected, and various shapes can be formed according to needs. It is widely used in the inner support of gift packaging boxes in all walks of life, mainly for shockproof, thermal insulation, filling materials, children's toys, etc.
The protective performance is equivalent to pearl cotton, but it looks exquisite outside. It is also beautiful without velvet. It is often used for products that need to be protected and pay attention to appearance, such as fine stationery, toys, etc. The price is slightly more expensive than pearl cotton.
3. EVA内拖
3. EVA inner drag
EVA internal can fix the product well, avoid the influence of Vibration Factors on its performance. It has the functions of environmental protection, antistatic and fire prevention. It has good chemical stability, anti-aging, ozone resistance and good flexibility. So the price is also relatively high.
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