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As a highly plastic material, paper is a very mature material that has been widely used. Paper is widely used in the packaging industry, and the difficulty of design and processing is relatively small, which saves the cost for manufacturers to use paper as product packaging. There are many papers that can be considered in the design process. For example, ordinary cardboard and chipboard can be used as gift boxes. Although the surface of this paper is rough, it is strong and durable. It is very good as the lining of the packing box. Then you can add a layer of glue or coated paper on the outside to make the packing box strong and beautiful.
Packaging design gift box can also use 128G double-sided coated paper, which is a high, usually used for the outer packaging of some expensive products. The outer package made of this paper can also be printed beautifully. For example, some high-tech products may have some complex patterns or some redesigned art characters, which can be printed on double-sided coated paper or support double-sided concave convex printing. The printed effect is also very good-looking. Even this paper can be used for anti-counterfeiting printing, so that the product gives consumers a feeling of good quality. It's also good to make a gift box with 157G double copper paper.
This kind of paper belongs to the thicker type, and the surface skin feels smooth. It is also the most commonly used one of the high-end gift boxes. In addition, you can choose 200g double copper paper. If this paper is used, it may increase the cost of packaging and printing. This type of paper can make many patterns on the outside, or make the same effect as matte, which can show a good artistic effect.
Gift boxes have a common "Festival" element, so the expression of this element appears in printing or product printing technology, from text to color. According to the structural characteristics of products, gift packaging cartons can be roughly divided into two types: one is folding cartons, that is, products can be folded and limited; The other is the fixed carton, that is, the carton where the product cannot be folded and restrained.
At the same time, the folding carton is widely used because of its small space and convenient transportation. The shape of the gift box is not fixed. The shape is the box type of shopping malls with special customization and different customization requirements. Such boxes are generally customized by the private sector and will not be sold in batches. From the planning itself, creative gift packaging is also an integral part of art.
Popular gift packaging is popular and universal, which mainly reflects the culture of human gift giving, and brand gift packaging also has the characteristics of the combination of brand promotion and characteristics. From enhancing customers' purchase hope, we can meet customers' inner anxiety. This is the embodiment of brand effect.
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