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First point: strong perception
What is strong perception? Strong perception is that your takeout bag must have publicity attributes. Through the publicity attributes, tell your customers what you do, how you do it, why you do it, and to what extent you have done it? When you solve such a problem, your customers will intuitively perceive it, and the customers who see your packaging bag will also perceive it. Senang Jun believes that if you do this, you will succeed in "brainwashing" customers.
For example, we are familiar with some food packaging: moslian, the illustration in the middle of white and blue. When you see this packaging, you can know what brand it is and what products it represents without reading words; In addition, steamed Xiaowan, a rapidly rising fast food brand, white bowl + yellow cover, fits perfectly with the brand logo!
Second point: eye suction
What is eye-catching? It's your takeout bag. The moment the customer puts it on the table and then on the desk, there is an amazing feeling. Of course, the takeout packaging here does not refer to a simple plastic bag, but also the packaging box inside. Did you design an action before opening your packing box. A link, does it make customers feel fun?
The drunkard Huajia king below, the charming white fat cartoon Huajia, is much more lovely than the straightforward "Huajia rice noodles" text logo
Third point: repeatable
What do you mean? Your packaging can be reused and reused, and your packaging bag can appear and be exposed on multiple occasions. In other words, after buying, customers still run around with your packaging. Become your free live advertisement. That is, the surplus of customers' consumption behavior.
Nonwoven bags and recyclable plastic lunch boxes are the most commonly used materials for takeout packaging - nonwoven handbags
Recyclable lunch boxes and takeout packaging, as a mobile brand publicity channel displayed in front of "outsiders", can have a positive impact on their own brand publicity only if they are properly designed and used