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1. Printing color difference
There is a certain deviation between the color of the effect drawing and the color after printing, which is commonly known as color difference. The existence of color difference is generally acceptable to our naked eyes. If there is an obvious color deviation, it is not color difference, but color matching.
2. Stretch pattern
At present, the milk tea paper cups on the market are formed by compression. It is normal that there will inevitably be different degrees of stretch wires on the cup surface. Generally, it is normal when it can be accepted by the naked eye. If the stretch line is particularly thick, it indicates that the manufacturing process is insufficient.
3. Quantity error
In the process of cup making process, the quantity can not be guaranteed, and it is inevitable that there will be more and less. After all, the cups are mass produced in the production process. It is inevitable that several cups are unqualified in the middle. We should take out the unqualified cups and make up the quantity in the production process. It also depends on the raw materials used to produce these cups at that time. Therefore, the existence of quantity error is inevitable, and the actual quantity shall prevail.
4. Weight error
The unit price of milk tea paper cup is calculated by gram weight, but in the process of factory production, it can not be guaranteed that the gram weight of each milk tea cup is the same, and there will be positive and negative weight differences. Even if you cut a 10 meter rope at the same time, their weight is different. Why is this? Because the density distribution of the product is uneven. However, the overall weight is constant.