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Although the core of takeout is food, the packaging of takeout bags is also very important. If the takeout bags of stores are too "sloppy", they will leave a bad impression on consumers and consumers may not care about them again. Today, Xiaobian will tell you about the importance of takeout bags.
With the advent of more and more apps, the development of the takeout industry can be said to be very rapid. One of the many changes brought to daily life is that you can easily order takeout anytime, anywhere. Lunch, overtime meal and even afternoon tea can be placed through a mobile app. After placing an order, you can receive all kinds of takeout bags from the delivery staff, It has almost become a daily clock out in modern Chinese life.
Therefore, takeout has become an extension of the fierce competition in the catering industry. In a traditional catering consumption process, apart from the hard options such as dishes and tastes, the decoration style and service level of a restaurant are important indicators for us to select a restaurant. Such dominant characteristics are often considered to represent the personality and value orientation of the restaurant. In a figurative way, they are like some kind of interactive interface, which is a step in the communication between stores and consumers. It may not be a required skill, but it must be one of the premium skills.
In the takeout business, the takeout bag realizes this function: in addition to uncontrollable distribution factors, a pleasant takeout experience usually begins with an impressive packaging. This impression sometimes comes from functionality. For example, it can well solve the problems of spilling, flavor, heat preservation and so on; Sometimes it comes from aesthetics, such as better packaging materials and design sense; Sometimes it comes from intimacy, such as sending wet paper towels, chewing gum and even greeting cards with meals.
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