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At present, most of the disposable packing boxes on the market are made of polystyrene raw materials extracted from oil and foaming agent. Polystyrene is a widely used polymer material. It has the characteristics of low toxicity, high melting point, strong plasticity and simple production. Therefore, it has become the choice material for making disposable fast lunch boxes. Disposable packing boxes mainly include paper, starch, plastic and rare metals. Now the foamed and calcium carbonate lunch boxes on the market have been gradually prohibited and reduced by consumers and national policies. The current lunch boxes are environmentally friendly lunch boxes, especially corn starch lunch boxes, which are not only environmentally friendly, but also can solve the large-scale production of increasing farmers' grain income and fine processing.
There are several types of disposable lunch boxes: starch type disposable lunch box edible fast lunch box with starch as raw material. As the name suggests, it is made of starch plants as raw materials, dietary fiber and other edible additives by stirring and kneading. It is refined by biological compounding, glycan crosslinking, calcium ion chelation and other technologies, with dense layer, internal waterproof layer The utility model is composed of a rubber mesh layer and an outer waterproof layer.
Paperboard type disposable lunch box paperboard fast lunch box is made of 300-350 grams of bleached kraft wood pulp paperboard through die-cutting bonding, die-cutting pressing, shaping and other processes through a stamping process similar to sheet metal processing. In order to prevent oil or water seepage, film or apply chemical additives on its surface. It is non-toxic and has no side effects on human body in the process of production and use. However, the quality requirements for paperboard are high, and the cost is also increased.