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Because the takeout industry has a variety of goods, but most of them are mainly food, the disposable takeout bags for food require high performance.
1、外卖打包袋的安 全性。和吃食相关的事情要高度重视,袋子也一样要被纳入重视的范围。如果袋子性能都不具有安 全性,食物的安 全性就很难得到保证,一旦消费者吃食物出现问题商家会有很大的麻烦,所以外卖打包袋一定要具有安 全性,袋子的材质要严格的要求。
1. Safety of takeout bags. Food related matters should be highly valued, and bags should also be included in the scope of attention. If the performance of the bag is not safe, the safety of food is difficult to be guaranteed. Once consumers have problems eating food, businesses will have great trouble. Therefore, the takeout bag must be safe, and the material of the bag must be strict.
2. Bags should also be environmentally friendly. Now many packaging bags have environmental protection performance, because the problem of plastic waste is very serious. If bags do not have environmental protection function, * * can't afford * * and consume a large number of non environmentally friendly bags every day, which is a great threat to the environment.
3. The temperature factor should also be considered for the disposable takeout packaging bag, because most of the food in summer is cold drinks. At this time, the bag should be low-temperature, and the bag should not be broken because the contacted drinks are cold. In winter, the food is mainly hot food. When packing, the bag should have thermal insulation to keep the temperature and prevent the food from cooling.
外卖打包袋设计注重广 告的视沉稳推广发展,通过图形的创意,符号的识别,文字的说明及印刷色彩的,引发成都消费者的注意力,从而产生亲切感,促 进餐饮产品的销售。
The design of takeout bag pays attention to the visual stability, promotion and development of advertising. Through the creativity of graphics, the identification of symbols, the description of words and the printing color, it attracts the attention of Chengdu consumers, so as to produce a sense of intimacy and promote the sales of catering products.