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Carton packaging is often the outer packaging of a product, which is very valued by people. Therefore, it is required to be beautiful and generous to meet people's aesthetic outlook. This depends on color design and deployment, and the connotation attached to graphics and words should also be expressed.
The important thing is the tone of carton packaging. Tone is the general tendency and general mood of color configuration on the picture. It is the main color of a group of colors and occupies an advantage in the whole picture. Packaging is required to stand out from a moment's vision on a long-distance shelf to convey commodity information, which requires a strong overall sense of color to cooperate with the printing market.
Therefore, the key of packaging color design is color design equipment consumables. The tone design requirements shall be unified with the main functions of the product. The requirements of tone design should be consistent with the times, different regions and different nationalities' likes and dislikes of color. It should be able to adapt to this change and the trend of the times.
Moreover, it is the mutual contrast and contrast of colors. Two mutually opposite colors are called contrast colors. Their hue and lightness differ greatly, leaving a distinct and strong sense of contrast. Only through contrast can color correctly express the image of the printing alliance.
There is contrast, there is harmony. Two similar colors are called harmonic printing tools. Color harmony gives people a subtle, rich, elegant, pleasant and comfortable feeling.
Another important thing about color is rhythm. People often say that music has rhythm. Why does color also have rhythm? Rhythm is an important factor constituting the sense of form of the picture. There are many changes reflected in the picture, such as strength, light and shade, hardness and softness, virtual and real, etc. the alternating changes of these contradictions are not simple repetition, but various forms of rhythmic movement. It has both repetition and development. All aspects restrict and promote each other, reflecting the natural harmonious printing market.
The basic requirement of packaging color design is to deal with the relationship between change and unity, seek change in unity and unity in change, which is the so-called color rhythm.
The color design of pizza box and carton packaging is very particular. It is not a simple association that can come up with good ideas at once. It needs repeated consideration and mature grasp of color. To be satisfied with the packaging design is by no means an overnight thing.