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Whether the structure of kraft carton packaging is reasonable or not is very important for consumers, because it is related to the sense of user experience. A novel packaging with reasonable color matching can not only give people different visual effects, but also make consumers feel good about the product itself.
Among all packaging types, carton is widely used, and with the continuous improvement of scientific and technological level, its processing technology has been continuously developed, especially the Kraft carton packaging. In just a few decades, its process development level has risen sharply. Because of this, kraft cartons are becoming more and more rich in both form and structure, and there are more and more classification methods of kraft carton packaging.
Kraft carton packaging
Generally speaking, kraft cartons can be divided into square Kraft cartons, round Kraft cartons, polygonal Kraft cartons, kraft paper aircraft boxes and kraft paper special-shaped boxes according to shape.
From the structure of kraft carton, it is generally divided into two categories, namely folding carton and fixed carton. Folding carton is a folding cardboard box before shipping goods after cutting and creasing. At present, as the sales packaging and display packaging of goods, folding carton is a kind of container with large consumption. Its output is rising and its scope of use is becoming wider and wider.