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A lot of takeaway people think that takeaway bags are just packing boxes. They don't pay much attention to them. In fact, takeaway bags are the top priority in the takeaway business.
外卖不同于堂食,堂食店有门面,有店铺装修、有服务员形象、有菜品摆盘,甚至店内音乐和店内温度,可以很好的提升顾客体验。但是对于外卖来说,顾客是不可能体验到你的店内装修,工作人员的形象,还有菜品摆盘这类的事情,顾客能看到你唯 一的形象就是你的外卖打包袋以及外卖的菜品,这时候外卖打包袋就相当于你的门面,等于你的装修,你的服务员形象。
Takeout is different from Tang food. Tang food store has a facade, shop decoration, waiter image, dish setting, even in store music and in store temperature, which can improve customer experience. But for takeout, it is impossible for customers to experience the decoration of your store, the image of the staff, and the dishes. The only image customers can see is your takeout bag and the takeout dishes. At this time, the takeout bag is equivalent to your appearance, your decoration and the image of your waiter.
Therefore, we should pay special attention to take away bags. So today we mainly talk about the choice of various categories of packaging.
For different categories of packaging choices, we must first understand the packaging selection criteria, and flexibly grasp, considering our own categories.
Packaging selection criteria:
1. Food characteristics
For example, steamed buns, steamed buns and other pasta packaging need to be breathable, but soup packaging if breathable and poor.
2. Conform to temperature characteristics
Generally speaking, heat preservation or cold preservation is a problem that needs to be considered for different types of takeout bags. We need to be careful when dealing with different single products, different materials and sealing properties. Sometimes we even need to skillfully use products that are not easy to heat to heat fast products, such as pasting soup under the vegetable box.
3. Need to meet the processing means
Takeout is an efficient business, so any part of the takeout bag design that will reduce the efficiency of the in store processing process will greatly reduce your profitability, such as doggy lunch boxes.
4. Need to meet packaging means
What's the difference between this and processing? The processing method is to facilitate the production efficiency in the store. The packaging means is to facilitate the stacking and distribution.
For example, why does good life always use plastic bags as takeaway bags instead of paper bags that look even higher. Because the paper bags can't be stacked up and stacked, the space for stacking in the store will be more occupied, which reduces the floor efficiency of the store. Moreover, the intelligent stacking of the delivery brother's boxes will reduce the human efficiency of the delivery staff. In order to force the grid to be higher, it is certainly not cost-effective to sacrifice such efficiency.
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