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The lunch box is only functional and can only be used to pack food. With the subdivision of takeout categories, more and more businesses focus on the value of other dimensions. In a word, the disposable paper lunch box should pay attention to the attractive packaging design. Here's a brief introduction.
1. The takeout lunch boxes designed for environmental protection are mostly made of plastic, which is generally difficult to degrade. To make takeout lunch boxes, first of all, we should solve this problem and choose environmentally friendly and biodegradable materials. The packaging design company said that the vegetable fiber lunch boxes and leaf lunch boxes on the market are very popular and worth promoting.
2. The traditional takeout lunch box with improved structure generally has problems such as poor sealing and easy to smell. We should overcome this problem and improve the structure of the packing box. Installing fasteners on the packing case cover can improve the sealing performance. It can also be grooved on the packing box. In this way, different dishes can be placed in different tanks to avoid mixing of flavors.
3. The innovative and unified lunch box has neither aesthetic sense nor characteristics. Such a box design is not enough. When designing takeout boxes, we should integrate the characteristics of corporate culture. Only innovation and individuality can make them recognizable.
4. With the prevalence of the safety value plague, customers have more security requirements for selling lunch boxes. The takeout is often not delivered directly to customers, but placed in a fixed place, such as the entrance of the community, the dormitory, etc., and is dense. In this case, the quality of packaging for external sales is required to be higher. The sales with excellent packaging can not only ensure visual safety and health, but also prevent dust and rain, making customers feel good.
5. The takeout lunch box is easy to pack. They can also pack quickly during the rush hour of leaving the store to save time. Packaging efficiency. In any packaging link, the profitability will be reduced if the efficiency is reduced. It seems that the gorgeous packaging process is very complicated, and some will affect the speed of eating.
Therefore, good takeout packaging gives consideration to both function and efficiency. For example, putting rice and small portions of dishes into boxes can not only improve accuracy, but also bring good experience to guests. In addition, you can also prepare in advance. Each box is very efficient. You can come to our website at any time if you have any issues or questions about this Get to know!