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What are the common dining boxes in daily life? What kind of takeout is suitable for different lunch boxes? Then, let's follow the disposable paper lunch box manufacturer to learn more about the material of the lunch box.
1. Plastic lunch box
The commercially available lunch box is mainly made of PP, which is not easy to be damaged, heavy, easy to package, and low in cost. It is a commonly used take out package. Suitable for hot water takeout such as rice noodles; Plastic lunch boxes are also suitable for fast food takeout.
2. Starch lunch box
The starch lunch boxes sold in the market are mainly corn starch. The starch lunch boxes are biodegradable, healthier and more environmentally friendly than plastic lunch boxes, with better texture and higher cost ratio, but average weight. Suitable for fast food, light salad, fried rice and noodles, dessert and other takeout.
3. Kraft paper lunch box
Kraft paper has durability and tear resistance, and the takeout will usually cooperate with the coating technology to achieve the effect of water and oil repellency. Kraft paper lunch box is rich in texture and can be printed with dark color for brand and store promotion. However, the lunch box made of ordinary kraft paper has poor weight and is easy to deform. Suitable for fried, light salad, fried rice and noodles. Thick kraft paper lunch boxes can be used as soup buckets.
4. Leather lunch box
Leather lunch boxes, as takeout packages, also need coating technology to obtain waterproof and oil proof effects. Compared with the kraft paper lunch box, the box is white and suitable for printing large area color plans, which plays a better role in publicity. However, the paper lunch box also has the disadvantages of poor weight and easy deformation. It is suitable for takeout of snacks, fried foods, fried noodles, fried rice, etc.
5. Corrugated paper lunch box
Corrugated cartons have good cushioning, light and firm, but poor water and oil resistance, and are usually used in combination with film, coated paper or kraft paper. Corrugated cartons are less used in takeout and are commonly used in pizza boxes.
6. Tin foil packaging
Tin foil packaging has good thermal conductivity and is durable to other materials. In addition, it can prevent water from flowing out and keep fresh. It can be directly heated by fire, and is suitable for fish roasting and takeout in cooking system. wait.
What are the different materials of different lunch boxes? The above is the relevant answer to the question. You can come to our website at any time if you have any needs Ask about it!