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In today's society, it has become a one-time take out packing box in the fast food industry, and is also popular with young people. Because it is convenient and fast, and it also eliminates many bacteria and bacterial infections caused by poor cleaning of catering utensils. This also eliminates the inconvenience caused by the tableware disinfection machine.
In fact, the disposable take away packaging box is a commonly used packaging tool in our life. Speaking of this packaging, we have learned a lot. The packaged food should be put into the refrigerator after it is completely cold. This is due to the fact that hot food suddenly enters the low temperature environment, and these food centers are prone to qualitative change. In addition, the hot air brought in by food will cause condensation of water vapor, which will promote the growth of mold, which may lead to the mildew of the food in the whole refrigerator.
In addition, the food packaged in a disposable take away packaging box must be returned to the pot because the temperature of the refrigerator can only inhibit the propagation of bacteria, not kill them. If you do not heat it before eating, it will cause discomfort after eating, such as dysentery or diarrhea.
Choosing a disposable take away packaging box with good quality=It is necessary to take into account the safety, environmental protection and other factors of the lunch box, and in the long run, it is also necessary to ensure that the lunch box can achieve the effect of biodegradable and pollution-free, which can not only meet the needs of people's daily catering supply, but also reduce environmental pollution, and contribute to people's health and environmental protection. More relevant content will come to our website Consult!