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Tea packaging design must comply with the relevant provisions. The label of the package should be self-evident, neat and clear, with complete label, indicating the name of the product, manufacturer, address, production date and batch number, shelf life, grade, net weight, trademark and product standard code. If there is any change, it can be printed as self-adhesive for supplementary explanation.
In a word, the material, color, pattern, text and other elements of tea packaging design are closely related to the commodity. The key problem is how to accurately and quickly transmit the commodity information, which is the problem that the designer should consider, and it is also the standard to measure a packaging design.
The pattern design of tea packaging can make the goods more vivid and interesting.
The pattern design of tea packaging can make the goods more vivid and interesting. However, the patterns on some packages are old and complicated. They are not very marketable and lack a sense of the times. They are repetitive and have no personality. Ancient patterns such as dragons and phoenixes are used everywhere. Tradition is not retro, let alone copying. Nationality is not represented by painting a dragon or a Phoenix. It should be given a new content, a new life and a new form. It should embody a spirit and a charm, Tradition should be a style and a fashion. We can use modern techniques to transform the traditional patterns to make them more modern, symbolic and concise. The traditional packaging gives people a sense of culture, connotation and refined, which is also consistent with the personality of tea.
The text of tea packaging gift box is also an important part of the design. A package can be without any decoration, but it can't be without text. Just like the same person, he must have a name. The text of tea packaging must be concise and clear, and fully reflect the property of the commodity. It's not suitable to use too complicated and illegible characters. Too stiff and sharp fonts are not suitable, Tea is a commodity with strong tradition and nationality. Chinese calligraphy has a long history and has strong artistic and ornamental roots. It is good to use calligraphy appropriately to reflect the profound charm of tea culture and the long cultural history of the Chinese nation. However, we should use easy to understand, easy to read and easy to identify fonts, and use less too cursive or unclear fonts, We must take into account the discernment of consumers and make it clear at a glance.