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Nowadays, people have high requirements for multiple packaging, especially gift boxes. Many enterprises have chosen custom gift boxes. What are their intentions and problems in making custom gift boxes? The following food packaging gift box manufacturers will explain to you.
Purpose of Customized Gift Box
In this way, not only can we improve our corporate identity, but also increase our sales volume and improve our brand publicity. Whether you design by yourself or ask our manufacturer to design for you, the ultimate goal is to have product recognition and build your own brand marketing strategy.
Through brand marketing, combined with different advantages and services in all aspects of the product, to achieve better publicity effect and improve sales conversion. There are several customization steps in cosmetic packaging customization.
What are the problems with customized gift boxes
1、 How long does it take to customize the gift box?
Generally speaking, the customized delivery date is related to the box structure, manufacturing process and manufacturing quantity in turn. For the socket box type with simple structure, the delivery time may be advanced. The more complex the box structure is, the more complicated the production process will be. The more printing processes are, the more time may be needed. The length of the shipping cycle is determined by the box type, structure and printing process of your box. Generally, the packaging box manufacturer will give you an approximate time.


Customized protection function of packaging box
Quality is the guarantee of products, and quality is the life of enterprises. If the packaging does not play an effective role in protection, such as damage, scratch, or product breakage due to falling during transportation and storage, it is considered that the packaging does not protect the products enough; In addition, in the current e-commerce field, where the channel share is increasing, the product protection performance of packaging is required to be higher. In the longer and more complex logistics chain, ensuring that the goods arrive in consumers' hands intact will bring greater challenges to packaging box customization.
3、 What is the price of a custom gift box?
There are many factors in this price. First, the quantity. Customized 100 gift boxes and 1000 gift boxes are two different prices. For example, if you customize 100 gift boxes, you may pay 10 yuan, and if you customize 1000 gift boxes, you may pay 5-6 yuan. There are also printing technology, printing color, paper, box structure and other factors.
This is all about the purpose of customized gift boxes and the problems encountered. If you have any questions or customized needs, you can come to our website Consult!