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Disposable paper lunch boxes facilitate our life. In order to ensure the safety and health of diners, manufacturers of disposable lunch boxes have made great efforts in the selection of tableware materials. How can the catering industry select paper tableware to ensure the safety of diners? The following section will explain it to you.
When selecting paper tableware, pay attention to the appearance and smell. Friends engaged in catering industry should not buy tableware with peculiar smell, impurities or uneven pressing film; If the purchased tableware leaks oil, deforms in case of heat and produces peculiar smell during use, it shall be stopped immediately.
The manufacturer of disposable lunch box reminds you that if the color of paper tableware is too white or has impurities, it is not recommended to purchase it. When pouring hot water into paper cups and paper bowls, it will produce strange taste, which should also be stopped. This may be caused by the cracking change of regenerated polyethylene.
Choose paper tableware with good elasticity. The paper tableware produced by disposable lunch box manufacturers with qualified quality has good resilience. You can pinch it when you buy, it will not become very soft, and it is worth buying if it has rebound performance. In addition, you can tear a layer to see whether the fault surface is yellow or contains more impurities.
Judging from its appearance, the disposable paper lunch box should be sealed in a plastic packaging bag, and the packaging bag should not be damaged. Paper lunch boxes that are not tightly packaged are vulnerable to environmental pollution, and the hygiene situation cannot be guaranteed. The paper lunch box should be firm, and the one with thick and firm wall should be selected as far as possible. You can use your hands to gently squeeze on both sides of the product to roughly know its weight bearing performance.
In addition, paper lunch box products with too white appearance should not be selected, because fluorescent substances may exceed the standard. Also look at the sign. The name and address of the manufacturer, the executive standard of the product, and the production date should be indicated on the outer package of the product.
Consumers should try their best to choose recent products, because the shorter the storage time, the less polluted the products will be. For products with incomplete signs, be careful not to buy "three no" products. For more purchase considerations, please visit our website Ask and understand!