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Although the disposable take out packing box is easy to use, there are many hidden problems. The following is a general introduction to the matters needing attention when purchasing and using disposable packaging boxes.
The low-quality disposable takeout packing box is made of recycled polyethylene, which will produce cracking changes during the reprocessing process and produce many harmful compounds. Almost every court and unit will prepare a disposable sanitary packing box. One person will use it and throw it away after use, which is sanitary and convenient.
In the past, waxed packing boxes were mostly used. They were soaked in wax, and could only contain cold drinks, not oil, because oil could dissolve wax. Wax will melt at about 40 ℃, and wax contains carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.
Nowadays, paper plastic cups are commonly used, with a layer of paper on the outside and a layer of drenching paper on the inside, which is a kind of cohesive ethylene plastic. Although the outer layer is paper, it is the inner layer of plastic that touches the food. Therefore, it is controversial whether this cup is defined as a packaging box or a plastic cup. In terms of testing, both paper and plastic quality are tested.
It is common to see vendors selling crispy thick soup baked in packaging boxes on the market. However, some experts said that the packaging box can only withstand 100% of the heat resistance, and can not withstand the high temperature baking in the oven. Drinking the crispy pi thick soup baked in this packaging box will make the plastic drink down, causing a burden on the liver. Therefore, the hotel must be careful when purchasing.
With the fast pace of life, disposable tableware is more and more popular and popular with consumers. Because of its wide use and convenient use, it has become a good choice for hotels to pack. However, it is safe and secure on the market. No harmful compounds are added. There are not many packing boxes, and there are few disposable tableware that can be reused.
Here, Xiaobian also reminds hotel operators that when purchasing disposable tableware, they must recognize the quality certification code and QS logo, or choose a famous brand that manufactures disposable tableware with pure materials and new materials. Be careful for the safety and health of customers. More precautions about this product can be found on our website Consult!