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Now many young people love to order takeout, and the takeout packaging boxes are not very sanitary. Some are made of cheap plastic, so it is better to eat less. So, what materials are the takeout boxes made of? The manufacturer of disposable takeout packaging box will answer for you.
First, let's take a look at the plastic materials in life:
Polyester plastic (PET), the material for making beverage bottles, and PET can also be used as fiber. The big feature of PET is that it has a complete recycling system.
Polypropylene (PP) is a very safe and light plastic material with good heat resistance, unique luster on the surface and easy processing to show bright colors. It is often used as packaging material; PP plastic box is also a transparent packaging box processed and produced with this kind of plastic as raw material, which will be commonly used in the packaging of some baby products.
Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is one of the plastic products with large output in the world. It is widely used. The great feature of PVC is that it can add different additives and has very strong plasticity. PVC materials have low cost, good transparency and excellent flexibility, and are widely used in building materials, industrial products, daily necessities, etc. It is suitable for making all kinds of blister products, toys and packaging containers.
Polystyrene (PS), English name: Polystyrene, is a colorless and transparent thermoplastic plastic. Its surface is hard and smooth, with good transparency, strong coloring power, brittle texture, but not heat-resistant. It is mainly used to manufacture audio and video products, optical disk boxes, lamps, disposable foam lunch boxes, etc.
Polyethylene (PE), a kind of raw material often used to process and produce fresh-keeping film and plastic bags, is easy to form due to its low price, and is also a kind of material commonly used to produce plastic buckets.
Now, many new types of plastics have been developed: light degradable plastics, biodegradable plastics, light, oxidation, biodegradable plastics, carbon dioxide based biodegradable plastics, thermoplastic starch resin degradable plastics, etc.
Materials used for disposable lunch boxes:
At present, there are mainly four kinds of takeout packaging boxes on the market, namely, PS (polystyrene) packaging boxes, PP (polypropylene) packaging boxes, paper packaging boxes and degradable lunch boxes made of natural straw pulp and other raw materials. However, PET materials used in large quantities before are renewable plastics, difficult to degrade, and expensive, which are mainly used as beverage bottles.
What kind of material will be used for the takeout packaging box? The above is the relevant answer to the question. If you have any doubts or wholesale needs, please come to our website Ask about it.