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Nowadays, people not only have new requirements for their own clothes and accessories, but also are in the ranks of haggling about the external clothes and accessories of the products they buy. Therefore, the packaging design must follow closely. Of course, the designer's ideas must have a special breakthrough to truly capture the hearts of customers. Therefore, our packaging design should be simple and creative. The inspiration of this box comes from life itself, but it has racked its brains in the structural design and has been improved many times.
As a product of modern commercial society, packaging products have the general functions of protecting, integrating, transporting and selling products. The design of cartons should complete the target function of packaging. The transformation of the shape of cartons should give consideration to protection, practicality and aesthetics. In the design, it is necessary to use scientific and reasonable modeling and structural design methods under the guidance of certain design principles, requirements, specifications and standards to make qualified and good packaging.
Due to the different types and functions of commodities, the requirements for the design of carton packaging are also different. For example, the design of food packaging should focus on safety and health, and consider the issues of preservation and opening, so as to meet the requirements of consumers for convenient use. Therefore, the carton design should be based on the product nature, purpose, positioning, storage and transportation conditions, as well as the mechanical principle, display and sales conditions and other conditions, and create novel carton packaging that meets the market needs according to the carton design requirements.
At the same time, the design requires reasonable integration of all elements and standardized packaging box design procedures to avoid waste of resources and increase ineffective investment of enterprises, As the saying goes, "good steel is used on the blade". If the effective period of an edible product is one year, the selection of functional protection technology and packaging material process for packaging should also correspond to its service life, avoid excessive packaging or weak packaging, and win the market with better comprehensive benefits.
In addition, it should also meet the requirements of consumers' occupation, age, region and season, and the life adaptation of people of different nationalities and religions. Combining the above packaging box design concepts and methods, and adding their own ideas, through repeated design and modification, through continuous improvement and innovation, we finally completed a food packaging box that customers think is suitable. For more information, please visit our website Consult and understand.