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Paper bags for bread, paper boxes for French fries and chicken wings in fast food restaurants, disposable paper cups for guests at home, etc. paper food packaging can be seen everywhere in life. However, what is the quality of these various paper products? The following editors have analyzed the use of disposable paper cups and disposable paper lunch boxes.
The paper lunch boxes and paper cups in the market are of different quality. How should consumers choose?
First, look at the color. When purchasing paper cups, products with lighter printing color should be selected. However, if the color of paper products is too white, it may be that a large amount of fluorescent whitening agent is added or there are impurities in it, and it is recommended not to use them. At the same time, it is necessary to distinguish between cold drinking cup and hot drinking cup.
The cold drink cup is mainly used to hold frozen drinks, carbonated drinks, etc. compared with the hot drink paper cup, the side and bottom seals of the cold drink paper cup are relatively unable to withstand the high temperature. If hot water is poured into the cold drink paper cup, the cold drink paper cup may leak under the condition of high temperature, causing burns and other hazards. Therefore, cold drink paper cups cannot be used to hold hot drinks.
Second, it depends on the stiffness. Good paper cups or paper bowls are hard and resilient. Poor paper cups and paper bowls are often soft after being pinched and have no rebound performance. It is recommended to pinch them when buying them. Try to buy paper cups and paper bowls with stiff bodies.
Third, look at the material. Some paper bowls look thick. The surface is made of food grade base paper, while the middle layer is made of recycled paper and box board paper. It is suggested to tear them apart to see if the broken surface is yellow or contains more impurities.
Fourth, smell. When pouring hot water into paper cups and bowls, if there is a strange smell, do not use it again. This may be due to the cracking change of regenerated polyethylene during reprocessing, and many compounds volatilize at high temperature and are easy to migrate to water.
Fifth, look at the signs. At present, the state has implemented the production license management on some paper products. The QS mark and number shall be marked on the products or packages and instructions, and the product use method, precautions for use, purpose, use environment, use temperature and other contents shall be marked on the product use instructions or labels.
Do you have the right choice of disposable paper lunch boxes and paper cups? In fact, you can use the above content as a reference when selecting, and it will be much smoother. For more information, please visit our website Consult.