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One of the important processes of cake packaging box design is the manufacturing process, which requires the selection of manufacturing methods and materials. Next, the food packaging box manufacturer will bring you three major production processes of cake packaging box design.
1、 Material selection of cake packaging box design
The packing box of the cake is made of iron cans, cartons, gift boxes, plastic boxes, etc. if compared with other raw materials, the common one is cartons. It also pays great attention to the font style printing ink of the packaging printing on the small box. It can apply better printing technology, which makes the design of the packaging printing more glossy, beautiful and diversified. Now it is also popular to use environmental protection printing ink to carry out advertising design.
Some of the cake packaging boxes are designed to be printed with white iron sheets and manufactured by mechanical processing. This is because it can make full use of the advantages of cake design. In addition, it is necessary to consider the rationalization of the structure, especially the convenience of customers, and the multiplicity of functions. It is necessary to open and bring them conveniently. Only in this way can the birthday cake cans be continuously integrated into the sales market and the new regulations of customers, Or high-end or indeed, to meet the requirements of customers at different levels.
2、 Specification determination of cake packaging box design
The key is to see whether your cake is round or square. The square cake box is to draw a larger square within the range of diameter inches, which is the specification and model of the small box. The round one is measured by the diameter of the cake blank. The 8-inch diameter is 8x2.54cm = 20.32cm. Since one inch is 2.54cm, this is the derivation.
3、 How to make a cake box
1. Cut the white board paper (other hard board paper products can be used) into nine squares, with the height to width ratio of the cover. The part to be folded in the middle will be easier to fold if you draw it with a flower knife.
2. Glue the four sides, and then paste your favorite packaging bag on the top of the lid and the lower area.
3. Cut it into the bottom of the box. The texture and height width ratio around it can be cut according to your own preference.
4. Paste a circle at the bottom of the box into the packaging bag.
5. In order to take the birthday cake more conveniently, make a tray with a height to width ratio of about one centimeter. It can be made into a small box and can also put a knife.
6. Use a knife to cut the upper part of the bottom side of the box, and use it to wear the packaging tape. A cake box can be used! At the end of the day, it is also necessary to fill in. It is unnecessary to omit the one that is held well, and it is slightly smaller than the small box. For example, if the small box is 20X20cm, then it is made into 19.5x19.5cm.
The three major production processes of cake packaging box design are actually very simple. Of course, the correct operation mode is also required. If you need to customize relevant packaging boxes, you can come to our website Consult.