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Film covering technology refers to a product processing technology that uses a film covering machine to cover a layer of transparent plastic film with a thickness of 0.012~0.020mm on the printing surface, so as to combine paper and plastic. Also known as post press molding, post press gluing, etc. The common packaging materials in our life are white cardboard, coated paper, etc. The coated packing box can be waterproof and scratch proof. Here, the custom-made food packaging gift box manufacturer will introduce several kinds of commonly used film covering processes for the surface paper of several packaging boxes.
Bright film: also known as light film, the surface effect is crystal clear, bright color and long-term unchanged. It has a soft touch and a mirror like visual effect. Bright films have very high requirements for film materials. Compared with matte film, if the packaging box with sequins is scratched, it is easier to affect the overall beauty of the packaging box, and the sequins are easier to leave fingerprints after touching. Therefore, when the packaging box is customized to be coated with bright film, it is necessary to test the scratch resistance of the film and whether it is easy to leave fingerprints.
Dumb film: it is widely used in the packaging industry. The big characteristic is that it will not usurp the role of the master. Visual elements such as logos and images will be added to most product boxes. The dumb film can present the visual elements in the packaging box.
Tactile film: visually, the film is a little similar to dumb film, with good friction resistance and color rendering. However, from the perspective of tactility, the paper coated with tactile film is as smooth and delicate as velvet.
In order to increase the waterproof and protective properties of the packaging box, it is common to add the film covering process to the customization of the packaging box. In addition, different films can create different performances for packaging.
Through the above explanation, I hope it can help you choose the film covering type suitable for yourself. Of course, if you need to customize different types of packaging gift boxes, you can pay attention to our website first Consult about customized purchase.