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In fact, the distinctive tea packaging design can not only enhance the image of public praise, but also inherit the tea culture. A good tea gift box printing should start with the selection of materials. The following food packaging box manufacturers will introduce four kinds of paper materials commonly used in the printing of tea gift boxes.
Kraft linerboard: it is thicker than kraft paper, and its color is generally brown. Of course, there are Kraft linerboard with white vermicelli, one side is brown, and the other side is coated white. The tea packaging box printed with Kraft linerboard tea gift packaging gives people a retro, nostalgic and environmental friendly image.
Coated paper: it is made by coating a layer of white paste on the base paper and calendering. The surface is flat and smooth, with high smoothness and good gloss. It can be divided into single-sided coated paper and double-sided coated paper. One side of the single-sided coated paper is coated and processed, which can be color printed, one side is gummed, and mounted on other cardboard, that is, we often say the hardcover tea packaging box.
Special paper: also known as art paper, it is a kind of paper with rich colors and unique lines processed by special processing equipment and technology. It can be used as the shading of tea packaging box printing, and then for text printing. It has unique texture, rich colors, a wide variety and a large price range, but it is widely used in the printing of tea gift boxes.
Whiteboard: the fiber structure is relatively uniform, the surface layer has filler and rubber components, and the surface is coated with a layer of paint. It is made by multi roller calendering. The surface is smooth, the thickness and flexibility are good, and there is little phenomenon of powder and hair removal. It has uniform ink absorption and good printing effect.
To sum up, the commonly used paper materials for tea gift packaging and printing generally include white paper, gray paper, coated paper, white cardboard, gray cardboard, kraft paper, kraft paper, kraft paper, art paper, special paper, etc. Different papers have different characteristics. We will customize them according to the specific requirements of customers. For more content, please visit the website Consult.