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In the market, various tea food packaging boxes, health food packaging boxes, hardcover gift boxes and so on are inseparable from the overall packaging solutions of excellent packaging design. What should we pay attention to when designing food packaging boxes? Xiaobian helped you summarize a few points, hoping to be helpful to you.
Design principle of food packaging box:
The hardcover box of the product should be combined with pictures and texts. The food packaging box with only patterns and no text description is like a package without soul. For example, tea food packaging boxes and moon cake food packaging boxes will indicate the origin, production date, shelf life, etc. of tea, in order to make product users have a clearer and in-depth understanding of goods.
Food packaging boxes should pay attention to both appearance and content. The focus of packaging design is to carry out derivative design around products, so we should highlight the characteristics of products from the packaging, so that consumers can know the characteristics of the products in this food packaging box at a glance, and we should convey the information of products to consumers.
The full display of goods in gift boxes and food packaging boxes can reduce consumers' suspicion of goods. For example, opening a window box can allow consumers to visually see the goods inside. Color is also a very important aspect in the customized design of food packaging boxes, because consumers see all kinds of different colors at a glance
Food packaging box customization process:
1、 The customer first looks for the official website or consulting phone number of the packaging manufacturer through the network.
2、 After preliminary understanding, professional personnel communicated the details, and the hardcover box manufacturer provided the packaging box solution.
3、 Make finished product samples after the scheme is confirmed.
4、 After being satisfied with the proofing, a formal contract is finalized and the payment is made in advance.
5、 Start mass production based on samples.
6、 The final payment shall be paid after the finished product is inspected to be OK.
7、 Packaging and transportation of finished products, door-to-door delivery or self delivery.
Looking for a factory on the Internet must carefully examine the strength and production capacity of the manufacturer. In addition, we must know that flashy food packaging boxes cannot win the love and support of consumers. Only by combining design and practicality can we truly meet the diversified psychological needs of consumers. Come to the website for more relevant content Consult and understand.