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Disposable take away packaging box is an appliance made of resin or other thermoplastic materials through high-temperature hot-melt plastic injection molding technology. From the perspective of application, disposable takeaway packaging boxes can be divided into lunch boxes, fresh cut preserved fruits boxes, semi-finished food boxes, etc. Now let's analyze the market prospect of disposable takeout packaging boxes.
From the perspective of raw materials, disposable takeaway packaging boxes are mainly divided into PP (polypropylene) fast-food boxes, PS (polystyrene) fast-food boxes and EPS (expanded polystyrene) fast-food boxes. Compared with the other two raw materials, PP takeout packaging box has higher heat resistance and is a fast-food box that can be heated in a microwave oven.
Due to its high chemical stability and good corrosion resistance, PP takeout packaging box can be used in almost all food and beverages. The degradation time of PP, PS and EPS varies with the environmental conditions of degradation. If landfilled in the same environment, the degradation time of PP and PS takeaway boxes is about 20-30 years and 40-50 years respectively, while the degradation time of EPS takeaway boxes is hundreds of years.
However, if these snack boxes are exposed to certain elements, such as sunlight, moisture and air, they will accelerate degradation. At the same time, with the market's active investment in environmental protection, degradable materials (such as starch materials, photosensitizers and biological inhibitors) are added to the PP takeout packaging box in the production process, which is easy to recycle and can be decomposed quickly. Fast food box has become a one-time takeout packaging box industry in China. main stream.
The industrial chain of disposable takeaway packaging box industry includes upstream suppliers of PP, PE and EPS, which are the main raw materials of disposable takeaway packaging boxes. Midstream players refer to manufacturers that produce disposable takeaway boxes with various appearances and uses. Downstream applications mainly include catering market and takeout market.
Disposable lunch boxes still maintain a strong growth trend, and the market prospect is still promising. However, with the transformation of plastic materials to environmental protection materials, the cost of disposable lunch boxes will rise. In the future, which enterprise has the scale advantage of an environmentally friendly disposable lunch box manufacturer, effectively controls costs, and will gain greater competitiveness.
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