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At present, takeout boxes on the market are simple boxes or boxes with several parts in the middle. There is no place for chopsticks and spoons in the box. Chopsticks and spoons also need rubber bands to be fixed on the box, which is very troublesome. Moreover, when most takeout boxes contain meals and soup, some of them will be spilled during transportation, seriously affecting eating and physical examination.
A disposable take away packing box, through this structural design, can place the food and soup in the take away food in the place where the food is served, the place where the food is served and the place where the soup is served. After placing the food, the takeaway personnel first close the cover of the place where the soup is served, and then close the buckle on the cover. The chopsticks and spoon storage clips can be placed respectively, so that users do not need to take another tableware when eating, And it can ensure that the tableware will not be scattered during the transportation process, and speed up the work efficiency of takeout staff.
The handle can facilitate users and takeaway personnel to hand over takeaway boxes. The box body and cover body are made of polypropylene material that is harmless to human body, ensuring that the temperature of food during the transportation of food will not make the plastic takeaway box produce toxic chemicals, threatening the dietary safety of users.
The periphery of the upper edge of the box body is provided with an annular step connected with the box body, and the lower edge of the cover body extends outward with an annular flange matching the step, so that the takeout box can avoid the spillage of dishes and soup materials due to shaking during transportation, which affects the user's eating experience, and can strengthen the physical structure of the takeout box.
In terms of use value, compared with the traditional lunch box, it has novel structure, heat preservation and leak proof, prevents the mixed soaking of oil, soup and rice from affecting the taste during transportation, facilitates transportation and stacking, and resists lodging. It combines the advantages of previous tableware to improve it, which is of great significance to actively promote the promotion and universal application of environmental protection, and improve the acceptance of environmental protection cartons by consumers.
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