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After finishing the packaging box printing method, let's talk about several printing processes, which is also the key to creating an economically effective external food packaging box. Let's follow Xiaobian to understand.
1. Flexographic packaging:
It is often used for printing and packaging pit paper packaging box stone stickers. With the improvement of accuracy, it has long been able to carry out a variety of printing and packaging. In addition, it can also use UV printing ink to produce anti-counterfeiting labels. The cost and printing and packaging time are equivalent to that of four-color flat printing and packaging.
2. Scraping film printing package:
The part printed with distinctive ink can be scraped off with hard objects, which can take this opportunity to show the design patterns and words. Scraping film printing packaging is widely in silver, but also orange or copper. In order to better ensure concealment, the background color and the color of the scraping film should be fully considered to avoid light transmittance. The cost is 1-2 times that of the flat panel printing and packaging, and the time is 1-1.5 times that of the flat panel printing and packaging. The printing process flow is after the background color printing and packaging
3. Fragrance printing and packaging:
The way of penetrating the gum containing seasoning into the ink printing, the fragrance can also be different and special except for the aroma of fruit, flowers and plants, health care products and food industry. You can choose printing inks with distinctive fragrance and long-term durability or cost-saving lithographic packaging.
In the case of use, vaguely remember to ensure that the total area of printing and packaging is sufficient, and consider the expected goal of one-on-one assistance of fragrance and drawings. The fragrance and wear resistance of printing ink are usually longer, and the lithographic packaging is shorter. The cost of packaging and printing is about 1-2 times that of lithographic packaging, and the time is 2 times. The production process is after the background color printing and packaging.
4. Backlight printing packaging / anti-counterfeiting printing
Backlight packaging printing is a printing and packaging method that integrates sustainable luminous paint paste into ink printing and adopts printing ink method. Anti counterfeiting printing also adopts similar ink printing, but this ink printing will only glow in the development trend of direct purple light, which is mostly seen in the anti-counterfeiting label drawing of the outer packaging box. When using it, ensure that the total area is very large, and there can be sufficient saturation. The cost is 1-2 times, and the time is 1-1.5 times. The production process is also after the background color is printed and packaged.
The above is all about the problems and precautions introduced to you today. I hope it can help you. If you want to know more, you can contact us by phone or follow our website , our staff will contact you in time.