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Now, many families and units will prepare disposable paper lunch boxes for entertaining guests. They can throw them away after use, which is hygienic and convenient. Is this paper lunch box really safe? In recent years, people have endless disputes about this product. Let's analyze the relevant contents.
For example, whether it is harmful to human body, whether it can hold hot drinks, whether it can be reused, and whether there is a shelf life? Especially when the paper cup is filled with boiling water, will the toxic substances in the paper cup be dissolved, which will cause other harm to the health of consumers?
In fact, the disposable paper cup that we all use at present is "paper plastic cup". This kind of paper cup is actually a layer of ordinary paper on the outside and a layer of coated paper on the inside. The material of the film is polyethylene. When the temperature is high, the inner polyethylene will undergo some decomposition reactions to produce harmful substances.
So try not to use paper cups for hot drinks. In addition, in addition to the decomposition of polyethylene in the paper cup to produce harmful substances, there is also a danger that the fluorescent agent exceeds the standard. Excessive use of fluorescent agent is likely to cause cancer.
In addition, many people ask whether they can put food in disposable paper lunch boxes into the microwave oven for heating? Is there a health risk? In fact, whether paper lunch boxes can be used for microwave heating mainly depends on whether the lunch boxes contain plastic components. Some paper lunch boxes will be coated with a layer of plastic coating on the surface to achieve the effect of oil separation, such as pizza boxes. When heated, the plastic of this kind of lunch boxes will decompose to produce substances harmful to human body, and long-term intake will affect human health.
Apart from the above categories, most paper lunch boxes can be heated in a microwave oven, but it should be noted that when heating liquid food, attention should be paid to whether the thickness of the lunch box is sufficient.
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