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We all know that food packaging is a kind of packaging, but the requirements of food are more than others, because food safety is the concern of our consumers. Well, although there is only one word difference between packaging box and packaging box, for the packaging industry, these are two different things, so what is the difference between them?
In fact, the focus of packing box and packing box refers to the collection point of contents. Packaging design is carried out in a limited screen, which is the limitation of space. At the same time, the packaging is recognized by the buyer in a short time in the sales process, and the time is limited. This limitation of time and space requires that packaging design should not be comprehensive and all inclusive. There's no point in putting everything on it.
The focus of the packing box is to compare and select the relevant data of goods, consumption and sales. The basic point of choice is to increase sales. The relevant projects that need to be prioritized are listed below for reference:
The trademark image of the product and the meaning of the brand name; Functional utility and texture attributes of products; Origin background and local factors of commodities; Background and consumption object of product collection and sales place; The difference between the product and the current product; The same condition of product packaging design; Common characteristics of products, etc.
These are the media materials of the design concept. Know as much about performance as possible, and then choose as much relevant information as possible. Therefore, designers are required to have rich commodity knowledge, market residence and life knowledge, as well as the accumulation of cultural knowledge. The more accumulation, the broader the world of ideas, the more ways, and the more fundamental the choice of key points.
The selection of packaging box mainly includes three aspects: brand name, commodity itself and consumption object. For example, the goods in food packaging boxes are mainly aimed at food, and the consumption objects will flow to end consumers. Some products with well-known trademarks or brands can focus on trademarks.
The packaging of some products with prominent characteristics or new products can focus on the product itself; Some highly user oriented products. Packaging can be consumer centric. Among them, the performance of packaging commodities is great, which will be discussed later. In short, no matter how it is presented, it must focus on conveying clear content and information.
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