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Disposable takeout packing box can bring more convenience to people's life and increase more aesthetic effects. It is mainly made of imported food environmental protection PS materials. Therefore, it will not affect people's health and life in the process of use. Here's a reminder that you should learn to buy disposable takeout boxes when they are convenient.
The disposable takeout packing box is made of imported food grade PS (polystyrene) raw materials. In the production process, it is injection molded at high temperature through precision injection molding equipment, sterilized by ultraviolet light, and then packaged on the automatic assembly line.
The disposable takeout packing box effectively integrates the concept of green environmental protection into the product without cleaning. The disposable takeout packing box has good transparency, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, beautiful appearance and green environmental protection. The disposable takeout packing box solves the infectious diseases caused by the recycling of dirty tableware and effectively prevents diseases from entering the mouth.
Of course, there are different grades of disposable takeout boxes. You can choose the appropriate tableware according to the catering specifications and the value of the dishes. Secondly, the choice of tableware color and pattern should comply with the user's use habits and aesthetic habits, but in general, plastic tableware should not choose too complex and diverse types, especially unhealthy types of painting.
Pay attention to the material and ensure that the plastic of tableware is healthy plastic. It is a material that can withstand high temperature food. Do not choose disposable plastic tableware with irregular chemical hazards.
In terms of color, the transparency of high-quality disposable takeout packaging box is several times that of glass products, and the surface is shiny. The inferior disposable takeout packing box has low transparency and dull surface due to the use of recycled materials. In terms of hardness, the two high-quality disposable takeout boxes are inverted and can bear the weight of an adult.
From the perspective of cleanliness, since the disposable takeout packing box is disposable, you can distinguish whether it is a secondary use tableware by checking whether there are water stains, residues and fingerprints before use. Judging from the smell, the high-quality disposable takeout packing box is non-toxic and tasteless. The introduction of hot water has no peculiar smell. Inferior disposable takeout packing box will produce a pungent smell, which is very harmful to human health.
As the tableware is in direct contact with food, it must be environmentally friendly and non-toxic, so as to ensure everyone's personal safety while being convenient. Then, if you have any questions you don't understand thoroughly, you can come to our website www.sdynbz.com Com.