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  Now many people like to order take-out, and now the packaging of take-out is usually disposable paper meal boxes, which are light, convenient and cheap, so businesses will choose to use them. So many people not only want to ask whether disposable paper lunch boxes can be recycled? Let's explain it.
  The inner surface of the disposable paper meal box will be coated with a layer of plastic film, even if the disposable paper meal box can be recycled, but with the current technology, the main material of this layer of plastic film and the disposable paper meal box itself is inseparable, so even if it is recycled, it can not be processed and reused. In addition, the disposable paper lunch box itself can not be reused. We also know that the water retention capacity of paper products is limited. The plastic film coated on the surface will melt, causing the paper cup to absorb water and break.
  In addition, the cost of recycling used disposable paper lunch boxes is too high because of leftovers and oil stains. To re - cleaning, cleaning will increase the cost of a labor process, the high cost of recovery outweighs the loss. This is a difficult problem, to say the least, even if a small amount of recycling, but the lunch box itself does not have high added value, the price is relatively low, a kilogram of acquisition price is only a few yuan. In general, recycling will be abandoned and incineration or landfill treatment will be carried out directly, which will cause serious environmental pollution.
  If the disposable paper lunch boxes are recycled in large quantities, they should be fully cleaned and strictly classified to enter the recycling channel, become the waste plastics of the source of life, and carry out secondary utilization. But now we are far from this recycling condition in our life. As a result, disposable paper lunch boxes are basically hard to reuse once used. Although the use of disposable paper lunch boxes is huge, most of the recycled tableware materials on the market are cups, relatively clean takeout fruit lunch boxes, etc., which are relatively easy to clean and not many.
  Can disposable paper lunch boxes be recycled? This problem we stop here, if you still have questions about this, you can come to our website www.sdynbz.com for consultation, of course, you can also go to practice, see if it is the status quo of the content!