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  Now many people like to order malatang, rice noodles and other hot and even very hot food online, and sometimes when the food is sent to the office or home, careful observation can find that these disposable paper lunch boxes have been hot deformation, then the disposable paper lunch box is hot deformation can continue to use?
  Although the disposable foamed lunch box has been lifted by the country, it shows that the parameters are still safe, but some citizens are still not at ease. At noon, some people found that because the food was too hot, it had burned a hole in the foamed lunch box, and the plastic ingredients were mixed with the food, so they had no choice but to throw away the dishes.
  And disposable paper lunch boxes can be seen in large and small restaurants, hot off by food also happens from time to time, but some people clearly see plastic lunch boxes damaged, in order to save a few money or eat it, and why such lunch boxes often damaged?
  Often this lunch box are relatively cheap, often exist in some small vendors and gear, investigate its reason, mainly because of the material aspects of boxes, the boxes of the raw material is also very cheap, high temperature resistant ability is weaker, and the temperature of the food when I first got out of the pot is higher, it is easy to damaged lunch box.
  Of course, there are good lunch boxes on the market, but the price is relatively expensive, a lunch box is nearly 1 yuan, some are even more expensive, and now the use of disposable paper lunch boxes are provided for free, if on this basis, the use of good lunch boxes in the peer competition, is undoubtedly to increase the cost, adding to the problem.
  According to expert introduction, this kind of foam disposable paper boxes is very big to the harm of human body, when the temperature reached 65 degrees may make the boxes to melt, releasing toxic substances, when toxic substances into food, many organs are immediate harm to human body, in the Chinese food culture, hot food is the most common, Even if you don't see any noticeable melting, toxic substances can seep into your meals, which can cause serious health problems in the long run.
  Disposable paper lunch box is hot deformation can continue to use? So do you understand the problem? The suggestion is not to continue to use the hot deformation of disposable paper lunch box, of course, you can choose to pour into their own lunch box. For more information, please visit www.sdynbz.com.